СНПЧ А7 Чебоксары, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Maritime   education   takes start   seventy years ago and during this time it   continues. In last century   20 years there opened   evening maritime courses and based on it in 1929 year opened Batumi Maritime technical university. In 5th of March in 1944 year by the committee of self-defense of Soviet Union   on base Batumi state maritime academy they created Batumi maritime institute.

Batumi maritime institute during its subsisting played the biggest role in development of maritime sphere not only in Georgia also all over the Soviet Union. Institute prepared about 5 thousand high qualified specialists to work in maritime fleet. Nowadays it graduates are still working on ocean ships under the flags of   Georgia   and many world countries.

Batumi maritime high institute by decision of Georgian government was founded in 1992, which received status: treasure enterprise – Batumi State Maritime Academy (BSMA) by the government of Georgia in 1944. In 2004 started all educational system reform in whole Georgia. In 25th of April in 2005 the status of the academy defined as legal entity and in 9th of October by the resolution №184 of Georgian government nowadays status, face and designation of maritime academy defined as Batumi State Maritime Academy – teaching University – Legal Entity of Public Law.

Batumi State Maritime Academy is specific educational institute, which is due to the fact all the maritime transport and related service activities are regulated not only by national legislation also by the international norms. In a branch of maritime transport regulation organ regulated by international law is International Maritime Organization (IMO) and coordination with international norms arranges Georgian Maritime Transport Department. The basic legislative document of IMO is “The Standards of Training, Certification & Watch keeping” (STCW 78/95). In 1993 Georgia joined this convention and by this it took obligation of sailors prepare process compatibility with international standards.



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