СНПЧ А7 Чебоксары, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Crew Management therefore requires an impeccable handling of rules, and equal amount of soft skills and finally a tool that allows melting these factors with the ship owners.

Our seamen onboard grant for a reliable and efficient trading of a vessel. Our crew demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to their work. They are certified to the latest international standards and are experienced in the operation of all vessel types.

You may trust us to relieve you of all the training, certification and administration which are required for seafarer a modern fleet of vessels.

The following activities are the integral part of our services:

  • effective crew planning, recruitment and manning
  • initial interview and candidate screening procedures
  • documentation and pre-joining briefing
  • control of licenses/endorsements and STCW-95 certificates validity
  • English language interview and computer tests
  • foreign flag documents applying
  • selection of cadets for further employments
  • assistance in crew certification and training
  • Supply of working gear in accordance with requirements of our Customers
  • pre-employment familiarization with Companies shipboard forms and SMS manuals
  • visa and travel arrangements
  • Traveling (domestic) with utilization of third party companies;
  • Organizing additional training for seafarers;
  • Executing any documents required by the ship flag state administration;
  • Assisting in receiving necessary visas, drawing up crew lists;
  • Planning schedules of crew changes;
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