СНПЧ А7 Чебоксары, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Recruitment in crewing company has many shades, but it is the sum of them coordinated and quality work on board the vessel.

In our troubled times, professional manning has become even more important, because only one Human error can lead to the collapse of the company and reputation.

We recruit well-trained skillful seafarers for service onboard of different type of vessels e.g. Tankers, dry cargo ships, Ro-Ro, container vessels, bulk carriers, tug boats, passenger ships, cruising.

Our candidates are fluent in English and possessing of all the necessary professional skills, knowledge and documents required for service onboard of ships managed by worldwide range of employers.

  • Checking that candidates have appropriate marine documents in accordance SWTC 78/95 valid for the entire duration of the contract
  • Recruiting marine educational institution cadets and graduates for shipboard training and further employment on our Clients' ships
  • Recruiting specialists – officers and ratings - whose experience and qualification comply with the Employer's requirements
  • Background verification and references checking;
  • Training : in-house training of seafarers (either identified in accordance with our pre-selection model or by Ship owners
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