СНПЧ А7 Чебоксары, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Maritime Transport Agency is the Legal Entity of Public law under the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia. 

Maritime Transport Agency has following functions and duties

  • Flag State Control, survey of the vessels flying under Georgian Flag.
  • Maintenance of the State Registry of Ships.
  • Agency defines the terms for the registration of Vessels and Mortgages and Liens in the state registry of ships.
  • Agency issues following certificates for the vessels flying under Georgian flag: Certificate of right to fly under Georgian flag, Certificate of Registry, Certificate of Ownership and Ships radio Certificate.
  • MTA defines minimum safe manning standards.
  • MTA defines minimum qualification Standards for radio operators of Georgian Ports.
  • MTA grants Management Level and Operational level status for Georgian and non-Georgian citizens.
  • Maintaining of marine casualities investigation in the territorial waters of Georgia.
  • Participating and control of investigation process of marine casualities on the vessels flying under Georgian Flag.
  • MTA approves port security plan.
  • Maintaining of Port State Control
  • Seafarers COC issuing, amending and canceling according to STCW convention, in its uptodate version, and Georgian law of “Seafarers Training and Certification”
  • Approval of qualification standards of seafarers and issuing of COCs for management, operational and support level.
  • Recognizing and monitoring of Maritime training centers.
  • Recognizing of COCs issued by other countries maritime administrations according to international conventions and national legislation of Georgia.
  • Maintaining of the register of seafarers.
  • Suspensions of COCs according to national legislation.
  • Maintaining of MRCC and monitoring of SOLAS convention implementation, prevention of marine pollution.
  • Search and rescue operations plan approval in the port waters
  • ISPS code implementation.
  • Approval of Pilot service plan in Georgian ports.
  • issuing, monitoring and recognizing of certificate of responsibility of ship-owner for the prevention of pollution of black sea.
  • Issuing, monitoring and recognizing of the certificate for nuclear vessel operator.
  • Monitoring of nuclear vessels in internal waters, territorial sea and harbors of Georgia with other respective authorities.
  • Defining of traffic separation schemes, corridors, farvaters and recommended navigational directions in Georgian territorial waters with respective authorities.
  • Prevention and reducing of marine pollution according to international and national standards.
  • Approval of technical regulation for the safety of passengers and their luggage carriage at sea.
  • Participating in the approval process of national standards for safety, security and environmental protection.
  • Cooperation with relevant international organizations and foreign maritime authorities and etc.



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