СНПЧ А7 Чебоксары, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Seamen’s Medical Center carries out medical examination of seafarers, establishing of their fitness for work on vessels, issuing of medical certificates. Examination is fulfilled in compliance with the requirements of the International Labour Organization (ILO), International Marine Organization (IMO) and World Health Organization (WHO). The Centre is certified according standard ISO 9001:2008.

Medical Center provides regular examinations of seafarers, as well as treatment and preventive monitoring of seafarers’ health during the whole period of their professional activity. The center’s priority departments include Cardiologic, Ophthalmologic and Otorhinolaryngologic ones. Modern equipment of the room of heart functional diagnostics provides diagnostic of cardiovascular diseases and prediction of risk of cardiac pathology origination. Departments of eye microsurgery and microsurgery of ear, throat and nose provides diagnostics of pathology of vision and hearing and perform timely surgical treatment of these organs. In the Centre there is the first room of plasmopheresis in Adjara. It uses the method of blood clearance needed in the various pathological conditions, such as poisoning, alcoholic intoxication, hepatic dysfunction, allergy, abstinence syndrome, infections etc. Our Centre is staffed with highly-skilled doctors, the best specialists of our region. We tightly cooperate with the Georgian and foreign medical centers. All these enables us not only correctly examine seafarers’ health, but provide complete and timely medical assistance during their whole life.

The Center’s medical board provides compliance of issuing medical documents with the international and national requirements and it is responsible for quality of medical examinations and conformity of medical certificates with the factual health of seafarers.

Besides, our Center provides training courses for officers: Proficiency in First Medical Aid and Proficiency in Medical Care.

Training is provided in compliance with IMO model courses 1.14 – Medical First Aid and 1.15 – Medical Care, also programs agreed with the Department of Maritime Transport of Georgia. The trainees’ groups are formed every week. Period of training – from Monday to Friday.

Training courses for officers:

1. Proficiency in First Medical Aid – period – 5 days

2. Proficiency in Medical Care –7 days

List of examinations by specialists (compulsory according to the international standards)

  • Physical examination


  • Visual test


  • Colour vision


  • ENT, audiometry


  • Cardiologist, EKG


  • Stress test


  • Ultrasound examination (heart)


  • Surgical examination


  • Neuropathologist’s examination


  • Dental examination


  • Chest X-ray


  • Ultrasound examination (presence of stones)


  • Complete Blood Count


  • Urianalysis


  • Fecalysis


  • Diabetes


  • Hep B C Antigen


  • VDRL


  • HIV test


  • Drug & Alcohol test


  • Vaccination




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