The fluctuations of the oil market have a significant impact on natural gas and power prices. As a global services provider with our clients' best interests at heart, we at EUROSTAR MARINE cover the full spectrum of oil products, i.e. crude oil, fuel oil and distillates. Beyond the European market, we trade US and Asian oil to meet the arbitrage and hedging needs of our customers.

EUROSTAR MARINE has thorough expertise in developing gas procurement hedging strategies based on oil indexation and gas-oil spread indexation.

Today, our oil product client base includes producers, refiners, shippers, as well as airlines and transport companies..










About Us

Eurostar Marine Ltd has been established in 2007 with a primary focus on Crew Management and Crew Manning services to third parties worldwide.

We understand the quality of officers and crew are the most important factor in the management of a vessel. Thus, our crew management services apply the highest standards of HR management.

Our Company objectives are:

  • To provide a quality assured ship management service to ship owners, always in accordance with the customer's requirements.
  • To be ready at all times for emergencies and to establish safeguards against all identified risks.
  • To be recognized as a highly responsible crew managed company, aiming to remain at the forefront of all aspects of technology concerned with crew management and manning, and continuously attempt to improve Safety, Health, Quality Management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships.

We aim to be a strategic partner, developing human resources in a cost-effective and quality-minded way to create long-term value.

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